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Antique Distressed French Style Settee Upholstered In Tricia Guild Embroidered Silk And Cut Velvet

$3,500 - $4,500

I was lucky to get 3 beautiful pieces out of an estate sale of a luxury penthouse. Its rare to find a piece of this quality, with its delicate carving and for me its so "Paris Chic Style" The main fabric I worked the the whole piece around was the embroidered Tricia Guild ballroom gown weight embroidered silk/cotton weave on the back, with its background of chocolate brown, the flowers and leaves were in magentas, pinks, and spring greens. The band had a small floral print in the same colour palette, and there were 2 gorgeous cut velvets one in a shimmery spring green. the seat cushion had a cut velvet stripe that combined all the colours and reversed to a solid pink velvet if you wanted a different look. This piece represents what I have built a national reputation for. Mixing colour and pattern together to create a piece that is totally unique. All of these fabrics sell fro 300- 550 a yard. My style is very much influenced by the historical design and global cultures, and I would call define it as Bohemian Chic.
I believe in the producing pieces that are as unique as the individual who is purchasing them. I also believe and in the principals of ethical purchasing, and designing and producing products that promote sustainability, our local artistic community craftsman who execute my designs.
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