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Beauty And The Beast Bracelet In 18k, Diamonds, Rubies, And Sapphires

$100,000 - $150,000

This is an 18k bracelet we made several years ago that tells the story of beauty and the beast from Beauty's father picking the Beast's rose to the Beast's transformation into Prince Charming.
The story is told in the panels of the bracelet. My favorite is one that shows the Beast asking Beauty to marry him. He is on one knee and she is turning away from him. A small table with chalices and a pitcher on it are part of the scene.The bracelet is hinged and has a hand made invisible clasp that doubles as a door into the castle.
A hand bound book with 18k gold fittings has the story done in illuminated calligraphy within it is also the bracelet's box. There is a register in the book where people who inherit it can write their names and the date they received it. I have included a sketch of a preliminary drawing of the book and an alternative design.
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Approximately 1.5" tall with a 7" inner circumference.

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