What is Casework?

In collaboration with Suyama Peterson Deguchi Architects the artisans of Master Woodworks Inc. at CustomMade.com completed the casework for this suite in Bellevue WA.

If you’re doing your homework before you invest in custom furniture or custom made cabinetry, you may have encountered descriptions of sample pieces that specify who did the casework for the project, … [Read more]

Moving Walls: Custom Sliding Doors

Namaste by LauraBirnsDesign Eco-Furnishings LLC at CustomMade.com

A custom sliding door is a wonderful way to save space and add flair to any doorway in your home.   You can choose styles as diverse as Japanese shoji screens or rustic barn doors, varied materials, … [Read more]

What is Lost Wax Casting?

Sterling Silver Handmade Hearts and Arrows Earrings by Denim and Diamonds Jewelry at CustomMade.com

Since ancient times, artisans from around the world have made metal jewelry pieces, sculptures, and other objects with the lost wax casting technique.  Though the designs, styles, and, of course, … [Read more]

What is Live Edge Design?

Cherry Slab Bench by Pernt at CustomMade.com

It’s easier to identify furniture made from live edge wood than to understand what live edge means.  When you look at custom live edge furniture, you probably can imagine if not see the profile of the … [Read more]

Custom Interior Doors

Barn Door by Riverwoods Mills at CustomMade.com

Think of all the spaces that doors cover inside your home: rooms, pantries, closets, utility areas, etc.  They occupy too much real estate on your walls to overlook them or just treat them as purely … [Read more]