What is Live Edge Design?

Cherry Slab Bench by Pernt at CustomMade.com

It’s easier to identify furniture made from live edge wood than to understand what live edge means.  When you look at custom live edge furniture, you probably can imagine if not see the profile of the … [Read more]

Custom Interior Doors

Barn Door by Riverwoods Mills at CustomMade.com

Think of all the spaces that doors cover inside your home: rooms, pantries, closets, utility areas, etc.  They occupy too much real estate on your walls to overlook them or just treat them as purely … [Read more]

Custom Music Boxes

Musical Jewelry Box by EFC at CustomMade.com

Long before radio and any recording technology, the music box was the only portable playback device and the only way to listen to a song without performers present.  Despite the plethora of options … [Read more]

Custom Cigar Humidor Design

Maple and Kingwood Humidor by Delorme Humidors at CustomMade.com

Protecting a cigar collection requires a blend of science and art, passion and precision.   Custom made wood cigar humidors by CustomMade artisans will preserve your collection in an ideal environment … [Read more]