Cool Custom Doorknobs and Pulls

Grape Vine Doorknob by Out of the Blue Design Studio on

An entire blog dedicated to doorknobs. Why not? CustomMade exists because we believe custom is for everyone. We believe that the ordinary things you normally buy, can and should be custom … [Read more]

Custom Mailboxes

Modern Vintage Mailbox by Studio 1212 at

Hidden in plain sight, many objects we touch daily exist for us mentally only in functional terms if we consider them at all.  And we usually consider them only when they break down and need to be … [Read more]

Leftovers Fit For Company

Leftovers Side Table by Eternal Furniture & Design on

What comes to mind when you think of leftovers? Something you pull out of the fridge and throw together when you don't feel like preparing anything else. This can work when feeding your children, but … [Read more]

What is Casework?

In collaboration with Suyama Peterson Deguchi Architects the artisans of Master Woodworks Inc. at completed the casework for this suite in Bellevue WA.

If you’re doing your homework before you invest in custom furniture or custom made cabinetry, you may have encountered descriptions of sample pieces that specify who did the casework for the project, … [Read more]