Love, Star Wars and an Amazing R2D2 Engagement Ring (Pics and Video)

Joe's a designer himself so he put together some ideas for the Makers at CustomMade to look at when he posted his project.

Alright you geeks out there: this one’s for you. Here’s a tale about True Love featuring Charlie Brown, Halloween and of course, Star Wars. (Not a big reader? Scroll down to check out the video of the proposal!) It all began in a tattoo shop – that’s where Joe and Emily met a few years […]

Uncommon Beauty from Common Things: Upcycling Ideas for Unique Custom Creations

You provide the old T-shirts and memories.  Project Repat will upcycle them into new chic clothing or accessories like this Nirvana-themed custom T-shirt tote bag.

Upcycling involves reclaiming objects that would otherwise be thrown away and using them to create new works that preserve or improve the quality of the original objects.  If you browse our CustomMade galleries for upcycling ideas and inspirations for your own custom projects, you will see that there is a characteristic aesthetic dimension to this […]

Art Deco Jewelry: Custom Designs, Inspirations, and Restorations

Composed of circles triangles and spheres and with rich purple silver and black colors these Art Deco-style anodized aluminum and sterling silver earrings by Mendy Marks Fine Jewelry pop with an almost electric glow.  The Art Deco period is Mendy’s favorite and she can create custom earrings like these in your choice of colors or in another Art Deco design.

With elegant yet simple geometric designs, silver screen star glamour, and Ancient Egyptian and other exotic inspirations with a machine age edge, the Art Deco jewelry in our

Using Alternative Metals in Jewelry Design: Stainless Steel Jewelry

The “Double Koenig” men’s wedding ring by Spexton Jewelry features a stainless steel band with two raised brushed stripes with alternating drilled dots.  The dropped mirrored edges and center reflect light “for a maximum impact.”  This ring was carved on a hand-driven lathe.

If you’re hypersensitive to gold (or just to its price), have you considered stainless steel jewelry for your next custom jewelry project?  Both

“The Cutting of a Sapphire” – A Gem Cutting Tutorial


Exquisitely cut gemstones are so often centerpieces in custom jewelry design.  Have you ever wondered how artisan jewelers are able to work their magic so precisely on these challenging materials? Daniel Stair of Custom Gemstones has graciously allowed CustomMade to post his tutorial “The Cutting of a Sapphire” on our blog.  He’ll take us through […]

What is Lost Wax Casting?

Sterling Silver Handmade Hearts and Arrows Earrings by Denim and Diamonds Jewelry at

Since ancient times, artisans from around the world have made metal jewelry pieces, sculptures, and other objects with the lost wax casting technique.  Though the designs, styles, and, of course, finished products have varied enormously, all the pieces created in this manner have one fundamental thing in common: each one literally “breaks the mold” and […]