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Branch Cork Screw Hair Sticks

$65 - $125

Hand Carved Screw in Natural Branch Hair Sticks - lock into you hair and stay put! Available in Cherry Wood, Valley Oak, Ash, White Pine, Cedar, Pomegranite, Guava - Branches from trees growng in my own garden. Small amounts of other woods also available.
The light colored stick is ash and available - This stick is 6 1/4 inches in total length, useable stick length is 4 1/4 inches.
The dark colored stick is valley oak and available - This stick is 5 3/4 inches in total length, useable stick length is 3 1/2 inches.
One-of-a-kind, made to last and extremely useful.
To create a custom stick for you - tell me the approximate length and wood and I'll carve one for you. I leave on some bark at the end just to let everyone know this is hand worked from a tree branch not machined out of lumber!
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