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Case Piece With Legs


Case Piece
This contemporary case piece appears to be floating across the floor on it's light and deliciously curved legs. The case is made from an exceptional piece of curly walnut complemented by highly designed maple legs.
Furniture makers are in love with wood and often expound on what they see in a particular piece they find. I was lucky to find the walnut I used in this piece because it is remarkably complex and beautiful. The doors are of matching walnut with shoji screening panels.
The interior of the case is also enclosed in shoji screening and is illuminated from the back evoking a soft, diffused light. The interior shelving of curly maple matches the legs. Dimmer-controlled lighting allows this to become a sculptural piece of furniture in evening light.
There are two unexpected drawers inside for special treasures. The door handles are sweeping curves that mimic the arched profile of the legs.
Price available upon request.
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77" T 28" W 15" D

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