Collector Huge Pixie Turquiose Slab W/New Lander Turquoisebeads


Measurement: 19 & 1/2" in length
Himalayan Thai Silver Beads
Sterling closure

The Pixie turquoise mine is located in the Crescent Valley in Northern Nevada. This mine hasn't been worked until recently, sitting untouched for twenty years. Pixie turquoise is yellow to mossy green and also occurs in some blues. A gold mining company owns the claim to this mine, and eventually it will all be swallowed up by the gold mining operation, therefore, Pixie turquoise is quite collectible.
New Lander turquoise is mined in Crescent Valley, Nevada is mostly green, orange, and yellow, and a little blue. It is known for it's wild patterns and color characteristics. This turquoise is so very unique that it is hard to find the same type twice. It consists of turquoise mixed with calcasiderite, varasite, and faustite

Turquoise, the "fallen sky stone" hidden in Mother Earth, has been valued by cultures for its beauty and reputed spiritual and life-giving qualities for over 7000 years. It is a true gem of the centuries. A long time ago someone noticed a clear blue line running through gray rock, and saw the imagery of sky and water in stone, and from that time on, turquoise has been cherished above all else in creation - turquoise, stone of sky, stone of water, stone of blessings, good fortune, protection, good health and long life.

Turquoise is sacred to both Native American and oriental traditions. It is associated with the sky, and bringing sky energy to earth. It can help promote honest and clear communication from the heart. It is also said to protect against pollution in the environment, and to bring abundance. Turquoise can also help speed the healing process, and is known as a master healer stone. It is very powerful for grounding and protection also. Turquoise is associated with the throat chakra primarily. It is the birthstone of December and signifies success.

Elsewhere, turquoise may come and go with fashion. In Native America turquoise is more precious than gold, an enduring expression of Native American Indian culture.

Dimensions: 19.5" in length
Slab = 2"

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