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Custom Initials Or Name Pendant

$100 - $1,000

Now offering Custom Initial or Name jewelry! I can create very accurate custom jewelry using any standard font, at any size and any thickness in a matter of minutes! Just send me a request with the font you want, the size of the letters and how thick you'd like it and I'll have a rendering of the finished piece in just a short while.
The picture shows an example using the Initials TJM in two different fonts set up to be a necklace with the chain attached on either side. I could also do a full name, and even a name or initials on a one finger or multi-finger ring. I can even print your names in Wingdings!
The new technology in jewelry making is CAD Designed Jewelry. While my background is in hand crafted jewelry making, I also have a degree in Architecture, and have many hours of experience in working with CAD. Between my CAD Design experience, and my hands on background in the shop, I am well suited to creating beautiful designs on the computer, and then bringing them to life in the shop. This new technology allows you to see a very accurate representation of what your finished piece of jewelry will look like before you even spend a dime.
Prices vary based on the metal you choose, and the size of the pendant.
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