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Custom Shaker Dining Table

$1,650 - $3,250

Custom shaker table by Mobili Farm Tables handcrafts the finest tables on the market today. Shaker Farm Tables and Furniture is one of Mobili Farm Tables specialties. Shaker is a style that is very much in demand for its minimalist styling, and simple quality. This has given rise to an increasing number of manufacturers basing furniture around the Shaker designs, which are now mass produced and readily available.Mobili Farm Tables takes a much different approach and seeing handmade shaker first hand in Grabil Indiana. We make our furniture and shaker farm tables the way it was meat to be "Real".With today's environment of mass automation speed and lack of integrity. Mobili Farm Tables is one of the few in the United States that still manufactures our products by extensive craftsmanship. We love making beautiful things, everyday objects of art that will endure for generations
Artisan Jaryd Walley created Mobili, which is Italian for "furniture". He wanted to display his Italian mother's philosophy that simply states.
"When you create something, you start with the very best ingredients and keep it simple; it's your passion that makes it so good."
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