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Update #1 Update..

Sorry for the delay I am slammed losts of stuff going on. Here is a video am i right on with the placements. The inside engraving will have to be applied by machine so font choice will be unavailable. I can grow it but it will take an additional week or 2
Let me know if placements are good

posted on Nov 06th 2012 by Paul Michael Design

Update #3 Casting in the am

We are in production I am doing it in 2 parts.

posted on Nov 07th 2012 by Paul Michael Design

Update #4 Assembling right now. I hope to ship tomorrow

We are assembling now! I need to finish it up and engrave etc.

posted on Nov 09th 2012 by Paul Michael Design

Update #5 Done!

I will ship Fed Ex tomorrow. Ultra Cool! It took a bit more time but as a surprise I was able to figure out how to get your font on the inside engraving!!!!

I made it in 2 pieces!

posted on Nov 12th 2012 by Paul Michael Design

Update #6 Its OK

I have it ready to go. now i can oxidize it so it looks more antique..

posted on Nov 14th 2012 by Paul Michael Design

Update #7 oxidized...

antiqued and scuffed up I love it!

posted on Nov 14th 2012 by Paul Michael Design

Custom Made Ring

Paul Michael Design in Pennsylvania being made for Alexandru Oprea byPaul Michael Design

This Maker is currently

Alexandru Oprea submitted:

“Hi Paul, After searching around for an entire day, and reviewing many artists and designers, I decided to ask for your help in my project, because I think you are exactly what I'm looking for. I want a bangle bracelet ... This bracelet will have such a meaning for me that I can't even begin to explain in words ... It means a lot to me. It is the essence of my life. I will be wearing it day and night. And I want to work with someone who is really passionate about what they do, and with someone I know they will care about my project. And I have a very good feeling, that you are my guy. Now, on to describing: I want a bangle made out of silver or titanium or any similar material ... The material is not that important. The craftsmanship is. For The design I thought of this: First, the shape of the bracelet I want it a D shape or something to fit my arm, not a perfectly round circle. Any suggestions are more than welcome. The top of the bracelet will have a circle with bl

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