Update #1 Making the infinity symbol...

I've gathered the tools and the sterling wire and am ready to cut and form the infinity symbol.

posted on Apr 11th 2013 by donnaodesigns

Update #2 moving right along...

The infinity symbol has been formed; band has been stamped, now it time for the finishing work.

posted on Apr 15th 2013 by donnaodesigns

Update #3 Ready to ship!

Ok, it's out of the tumber, all polished and ready to be shipped to you.

posted on Apr 16th 2013 by donnaodesigns

Custom Message Infinity Ring

donnaodesigns in California being made for Devon bydonnaodesigns

This Maker is currently

Devon submitted:

“I would like a customized Custom Message Infinity Ring project (http://bit.ly/10IFJh1).

Size customization: 6.25
Design customization: Engraving says Alexa & Devon, instead of now & forever. Promise ring if possible anniversary date 10-7-12

Promise Ring, i our names would make it more specific, instead of now & forever. And if possible our anniversary date 10-7-12”