Update #1 Puzzle Size

Hi Ken,

Finalizing the molds today and tomorrow. Can you confirm the size? Right now, the puzzle is almost 4" thick. Does this work for you?


posted on Nov 19th 2012 by Jeffrey Sgroi Designs™

Update #2 Revision


Take a look at this image. I removed the two locking pieces out of the middle and the sides to get a larger area for the image. What do you think!


posted on Nov 19th 2012 by Jeffrey Sgroi Designs™

Dark Chocolate Jigsaw Puzzle

Jeffrey Sgroi Designs™ in North Carolina being made for Ken Tola byJeffrey Sgroi Designs™

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Ken Tola submitted:

“For Chanukah I would like to give my wife a gift that comes in one piece per day with the big part on the last day - I thought of a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle itself would be 3" to 6" high (your call) and hollow within each piece.

Inside the hollow part would be filled with amazing extreme dark chocolate pieces/truffles/etc... but each jigsaw piece would be enclosed.

The whole thing would be a rectangle with 8 outside pieces and one large interior piece with the attached picture as a raised piece on it.

As for size, large is great but nothing overly monstrous - perhaps 3' by 2' - I am obviously open to suggestions!”