Update #1 Oh, my first CustomMade job!

Not much of an update since I have to order some parts before I can actually build this, but here are some images, they are subject to minor change if the coffee dripper is different from what I presumed when I drew this.

posted on Dec 05th 2012 by Deep Eddy West

Update #2 As of this evening.

Here is an update: The pictures are: Cutting elliptical cove, "Brushing" Aluminum, Chopping mortises. Everything is oversize pending arrival of drip tray.

posted on Dec 10th 2012 by Deep Eddy West

Update #3 Touch-up and a finish

The piece only needs some final sanding, touch-up and a finish. I expect to ship maybe late tomorrow, if the finish isn't dry it will have to be Monday since UPS does not ship on Sundays.

posted on Dec 14th 2012 by Deep Eddy West

Update #4 Final Shots

Here, a couple of shots of the finished job. There are a few modifications from the drawing. The drip tray, when if finally arrived, need to be trimmed and I also trimmed the aluminum columns.

posted on Dec 20th 2012 by Deep Eddy West

Drip Coffee Station

Deep Eddy West in Texas being made for Victor W. byDeep Eddy West

This Maker is currently

Victor W. submitted:

“I need something that can support 3 ceramic coffee drippers. I wanted to buy it from my favorite coffee store, Blue Bottle, but they don't sell it so I need someone who can build something similar to what is photographed:


I'd need it to have a bottom to to put the paper cups to catch the drip just like in the picture.”