Update #1 Getting The Giant Piggy Started

I was off to a rough start and made the parts much to small the first time around. It's ok though I made a lovely bird bowl that says "I love you you know" Waste not want not...

posted on Jun 03rd 2012 by Sara E. Lynch

Update #2 Forms made the right size and being assembled!

Yay I made things the right size! Here they are coming together into a rough general form.http://www.custommade.com/messages/attachment_thumb/*****/29http://www.custommade.com/messages/attachment_thumb/*****/29

posted on Jun 03rd 2012 by Sara E. Lynch

Update #3 After some clean up

The Piggy is much more cleaned up here. Not totally but we are getting there. Then a slow and final drying before he goes to be put in a kiln : )

posted on Jun 09th 2012 by Sara E. Lynch

Update #4 We Have A Glazed Piggy

At Last! He made it out of his last kiln!

posted on Aug 22nd 2012 by Sara E. Lynch

Update #5 Our Bitter Sweet Goodbye

i've grown awfully fond of Mr Pig during our time together. But all good things must come to an end.

posted on Aug 23rd 2012 by Sara E. Lynch

Giant Ceramic Piggy Bank - Used As A Wishing Well …

Sara E. Lynch in New York being made for Danika C. bySara E. Lynch

This Maker is currently

Danika C. submitted:

“I would love it if someone could please make me a very large ceramic Piggy Bank 600-700mm long (nose to back) with a white finish, preferably matte white without glaze as pictured like the rabbit in my attached photo. I am planning on using it as a wishing well at a wedding and would like it to be big enough to hold greeting cards that we receive, therefore the slot in the top would have to be at least 180mm long. I have also attached a photo of the shape that I would like it to be. Thank you in advance!”