Update #1 color posibilities

Hi Jeffrey,
I am sending attachments for your approval of color. The trunk will be here this morning from my carpenter's shop and I will also under separate e mail send you a picture of it for your approval...thanks, Maggie you can see these colors on Benjamin moore's site , color gallery

posted on Mar 09th 2013 by Schmidt Mandell Studio

Update #2 Trunk Pictures

Hi Jeffrey,
Here are two views of the trunk. I hope you like it. Will start staining and painting tomorrow...Maggie P.S. Please let me know what you think...thanks

posted on Mar 09th 2013 by Schmidt Mandell Studio

Update #3 Pictures of the outside of trunk

I sure hope you like it Jeffrey. I have decided to paint the inside a lighter color, off white, so you can see what is in the trunk better. I don't think it would be a good idea to paint it the dark green...If you disagree, please let me know right away. The inside of the doors when they are flipped up are green and rust.
Will weigh it today and give you a final edited proposal that includes the exact shipping cost...thanks , I hope you are having a good day, Maggie

posted on Mar 21st 2013 by Schmidt Mandell Studio

Update #4 final pictures of inside of trunk

Hi Jeff,
these are the final pictures of trunk before I package it tomorrow. thanks, Maggie

posted on Mar 25th 2013 by Schmidt Mandell Studio

Update #5 Trunk

Good Morning Jeffrey,
Just letting you know the trunk was picked up yesterday and is on its way. I would guess you would get it next Tuesday or Wednesday. Let me know, please, when it arrives. I just saw for the first time in our correspondence your beautiful dog. I have two dogs, who are not as stately as your, an in all probability not as smart...but I love them all the same. It is possible you may be charged a brokerage fee, probably 30 dollars for customs...Some times they charge and some times they don't. I have no idea how they figure the price. My other client who had a simillar trunk had a 34.dollar fee upon delivery...Hope you love the trunk...Have a happy easter or happy passover. which ever the case may be...Mostly have a great spring...I think it is about time for all of us. Winter has been way too long...Maggie now getting ready for spring planting.

posted on Mar 28th 2013 by Schmidt Mandell Studio

I Like Your Trunk

Schmidt Mandell Studio in Nova Scotia being made for Jeffrey bySchmidt Mandell Studio

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Jeffrey submitted:

“I would rather have a solid wood top, and some sort of locking device installed on both ends.”