Update #1 Lightfast Design+Build is interested in your CustomMade project


I would like to put a proposal together for you on this wine rack.

As you can see from some of my work, this is an aesthetic I am comfortable with.

Would you want this to be a free standing fixture, or would you like it to be affixed to the wall?

I often work with reclaimed wood, and I think this project is well suited to that.

I can also offer a wide range of steel patinas to complement your decor.

Please take a look at the attached images and let me know if you would like me to put a proposal together for you.

You are close enough that I would be happy to deliver and install as well.


Justin Kumpf

posted on Jan 18th 2013 by Moonlight Forge

Update #2 Bradford has sent you a message

Hi Justin,

Just wanted to check in on the options you were going to send me. I've also attached a sketch of the shape and dimensions I need. The depth should be roughly 12".

posted on Jan 19th 2013 by Moonlight Forge

Update #3 Bradford has sent you a message

Hi Ben,

That sounds good, and yes, I'd prefer to have you finish it so an extra $60 is fine. One additional detail I'd like is for the top of the ledge, the 18" wide part, and the top of the rack to have a board across it so I can place boxes, etc. I've updated the sketch to clarify. Looking forward to your formal proposal so we can get underway.


posted on Jan 20th 2013 by Moonlight Forge

Update #4 Foss is interested in your CustomMade project

Hello Bradford,

What an awesome wine rack look.
My first thought was to make the flat bars diagonal, I think would look great with the wooden spacers being the same diagonal direction. I also enjoy how the perimeter of the rack would be the zig-zag edge. I've attached some sketches. One is way our of proportion, but it gives the idea. Needless to say that if you prefer the horizontal grid-look, that would look great, too. Just depends on you.

I'm thinking of using 1/8" thick x 1/2" wide of flat steel stock for the metal supports. They're affordable and I think would suit your look. The thickness of the bar could look great, vs. the feel of the bar in the first image you attached.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have any new ideas that have surfaced since your post.

Look forward to hearing from you.


posted on Jan 20th 2013 by Moonlight Forge

Update #5 Bradford has sent you a message

Hi Ben,

I think for the dimensions you worked off of the original figures rather than the updated design in the sketch I provided in my previous email and attached again below. That "L Shape" design has a width of 69" at the base. As far as stain goes, I'd like something that is close to the leg of my table in the picture attached. Once I received the updated proposal I'll accept and pay my deposit!


posted on Jan 21st 2013 by Moonlight Forge

Update #6 Drafting...

After completing a rough preliminary sketch, I have a few minor measurement changes that I wish to submit to you before going forward. Going off of 4 inch centers I've managed to squeeze in an extra vertical row, bringing us to 16 verticals, 20 horizontal. To best fit your given space requirements (69"x82") 4" centers seem to work out rather nicely with slight differences occurring as follows:
With pine board your overall height comes to about 83" flat. Additionally, your 41" step comes to 43" with board. And can only be inset in increments of 4", reducing the space to either 17-1/16" over four vertical rows, or raising it to 21-1/16" over five verticals rows.
Lastly, even with the additional row, our overall width comes to only 66-1/8", giving you a loss of 2-7/8".
Let me know if this all sounds dandy, or what, if anything you'd like to tweak. I'll just assume you'd like the wider step(21-1/16"), as this wont hinder my process in any way as of yet.

posted on Jan 22nd 2013 by Moonlight Forge

Update #7 Update!

Hey Brad – Here's a photo of a test piece I made (weight, assembly, etc.) With everything on 4-inch centers, I thought it fit the average 175ml. bottle quite nicely. Let me know if it needs shrinking, as it'd be very little trouble to re-figure.


Post script: I could actually use your baseboard depth dimension as this will figure into the wall mounting brackets I'm making. Thanks!

posted on Jan 29th 2013 by Moonlight Forge

Industrial/Rustic Wine Rack

Moonlight Forge in Maryland being made for Bradford byMoonlight Forge

This Maker is currently

Bradford submitted:

“I would like to have an industrial/rustic wine rack like the one in the attached pictures built that is approx. 59"w x 82" tall. ”