Update #1 Exciting!

This may look very boring but to a painter this is super exciting.

posted on Oct 06th 2012 by Sara E. Lynch

Update #2 Sketched

Here is all of the image in pencil. I can't wait to get started with paint.

posted on Oct 22nd 2012 by Sara E. Lynch

Update #3 Starting The Colors

Hooray! We have colors

posted on Nov 13th 2012 by Sara E. Lynch

Update #4 Coming Along

Here's more color.

posted on Nov 16th 2012 by Sara E. Lynch

Update #5 Success!

At last, we have a painting.

posted on Nov 27th 2012 by Sara E. Lynch

Update #6 A Better Picture

I think the colors look better in this picture

posted on Nov 29th 2012 by Sara E. Lynch

Painting Of A Tiled Painting.

Sara E. Lynch in New York being made for Mary Pat bySara E. Lynch

This Maker is currently

Mary Pat submitted:

“I would like to have a colorful painting that looks like the painted tile piece that is in the village of Fornelli, Italy, where my family was from three generations ago. It doesn't need to be perfect, I just really like the colors and the unique sense of history for my family. I'd like to have one made that is about four feet high, and roughly proportional to the one in the picture. Then, I'd also like to make gifts (for other relatives) out of this and print ten versions that are somewhat smaller, maybe more like one foot high.

I'm not totally sure what the budget for something like this would be, so I am selecting the $1k-$2.5k bucket, but please bid if you fall outside of that as well.”