Update #1 Progress pictures, and the initial prototypes

Dear Ryan,
I have got the screwdrivers in progress! The Ebony is absolutely beautiful, and turns wonderfully, I am waiting on the shafts to arrive, the should get here in the next few days. I made a trip to the most wonderful rare wood importer, where I hand picked the blanks from the best ebony that he had for your screwdrivers. The shanks are impact ready hardened steel which will be chemically blackened for you. The two light colored handles are prototypes, where I perfected the process. The Router jig set up on the lathe is for routing the flats on the handles. I first turn a perfect cylinder by hand, then I shape the handle to have a slight convex shape on the front, and form the finger groove. Then I index the head, and rout the flats on the handle, which I then clean up and sand by hand. Once I complete this, I then press in the driver shaft 1 1/4" into the handle. After this is complete, I then turn the back of the handle, and part the handle off of the lathe mounted blank. The back end is then hand sanded to a beautiful and smooth finish. Each handle is then finished with a hand applied penetrating oil finish, to show the beauty of the wood, and protect it in use. I'll post more pictures of the final result, as soon as the shafts finally get here.

Nathan Spaulding

posted on Nov 12th 2012 by Spaulding's Furniture Restorations

Update #3 Handle shape update

I looked over our earlier correspondence, and I realized that the handle shape that I made, is not exactly what you had in mind. So this morning I re-turned the handle to match your pattern. I think that this looks even better! I'll post pictures of the completed drivers, as soon as the shafts arrive.

posted on Nov 13th 2012 by Spaulding's Furniture Restorations

Update #4 Pictures of the completed screwdrivers

Dear Ryan,
As I said in my last e-mail, the drivers are complete, and I'm just waiting on the address that you want them shipped to. They came out great! I ended up having to make the #3 Square drive with a shorter shaft, I could not lay my hands on a 6" long version. I look forward to hearing what you think! Whenever you are able to get the shipping address and final payment to me, I'll ship the drivers out!

Nathan Spaulding

posted on Nov 28th 2012 by Spaulding's Furniture Restorations

Screwdriver Set With Tri-Lobular Wooden Handles

Spaulding's Furniture Restorations in Vermont being made for Ryan S. bySpaulding's Furniture Restorations

This Maker is currently

Ryan S. submitted:

“I have been looking for a long time for the perfect screwdrivers. I owned a set of Stanley Torx screwdrivers with tri-lobular handles and fell in love with the design. Unfortunately, I couldn't find phillips head, flat head, or square head models with the same handle. My other "prize" screwdrivers were a set made by Craftsman that have a black hexagonal shaft that made them very easy to use with a wrench in case I needed the extra torque. Those are now not made any longer, and they never had the square drive or the tri-lobular handle. What I would like is a full set of screwdrivers with the following specs: Ebony or Bamboo handles. I know Bamboo may be easier to work with in this case. I can provide a side profile to show the handle design I prefer. The handle should taper down, and only needs to have the tri-lobe portion for about 2 1/2 inches from the butt of the handle. The handles should be the same size for the two largest screwdrivers of each type, and a smaller version for th

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