Update #1 Also working on these...

These are just the first step, not even soldered yet.

posted on Dec 03rd 2012 by Goldcrafter's Corner

Update #2 Oooops...

Here's the picture that goes with update 2!

posted on Dec 10th 2012 by Goldcrafter's Corner

Update #3 Ready to polish

These are very nice, but that is up to you- I wanted 2mm stones, and they were going to back order the green, so I went with 2.5mm- hey, I can make it work. And I did, but they're a little bigger than I envisioned, and I hope they work for you? I was afraid the back order wouldn't come in time.

posted on Dec 15th 2012 by Goldcrafter's Corner

Simple Version: 2 Bound Hearts" Pendant/Necklace

Goldcrafter's Corner in Pennsylvania being made for Quinn byGoldcrafter's Corner

This Maker is currently

Quinn submitted:

“What I need or require: 2 hearts bound together, birthstones/gemstones, Chain not needed, but if in budget, it would be nice. (her dream necklace) *she drew rough drafts* Materials used for this project: Thinking simple silver, IF POSSIBLE, a shade (darlk light) difference. Approximate dimensions of the finished project: 1"-2" Flexible time range.