• This gorgeous L-shaped vanity, custom designed to fit an alcove in the client's nest, made in Straight & Curly Cherry, with a Tiger Maple Mirror Frame & drawer fronts, accented with Zebrano Wood sides would fit any decor. The inlaid leaves are in natural fall colors of Leopard Wood (orange/rust), Blood Wood (red/rust), Tiger Maple (yellow/browns), & Poplar (light greens).The subtle curves add a feminine feel to the perfectly functioning vanity complete with small drawers for makeup & jewelry, lower drawers for hair dryer, curling irons and other girly stuff, & that awesome mirror for final touch-ups & all 'round primping!Can be completely customized to your wishes for a one of a kind piece built just for you.

Update #1 Falling Leaf Custom Vanity in Cherry & Exotics

The process begins.

posted on Jan 30th 2012 by Ron Corl Design Ltd

  • The crafting begins! We get to see the set up vanity for the first time in a test set-up. Not complete but breathtaking none-the-less.

Update #2 Falling Leaf Custom Vanity in Cherry Part 2

The crafting begins!

posted on Jan 30th 2012 by Ron Corl Design Ltd

  • Chapter 3 in the saga! Here we get to see the complete but unfinished vanity in her naked glory!!!

Update #3 Falling Leaf Custom Vanity in Cherry Part 3

The unfinished project stands proudly!

posted on Jan 30th 2012 by Ron Corl Design Ltd

Small Vanity Table

Ron Corl Design Ltd in Ohio being made for Christina DiNicola byRon Corl Design Ltd

This Maker is currently

Christina DiNicola submitted:

“Looking for vanity with mirror, not too ornate, for small tucked away corner of dressing room near a narrow window in a newly constructed elegant town home. Preferably matching chair or small stool with comfortable cushion. Vanity needs to have ample storage drawers for organizing make up, hair dryer, and a few jewelry boxes without looking too boxy. Really appreciate the exquisite beauty of carved motif, but also could be interested in a simple modern design too if less costly. Like nature-oriented themes. Ideal budget under $1000 if possible. Max Dimensions should be 48 in long, 18 in deep, and 32 in high, preferably smaller depth if possible. Could have second indented layer of smaller drawers on top of main vanity table which could extend higher than 32 inches provided main table sat below 33 inch window molding. Needs to be shipped to Philadelphia. only two sides of table would show.”