Update #1 first look

Here is the outer body pieces all cut. Time to start sewing them together. The large red piece is the front and the 3/4 blue and 1/4 red will be the back. The next steps will be to sew the back together and then the sides to the back. The web and spider design will be added to the front before it gets sewn to the rest of the body. (the bottom is not shown)

One quick question (and this doesn't need to be answered right away...) how firm do you want the overall bag to be? Very floppy, little floppy, very rigid?

posted on Oct 02nd 2013 by Snakebite Leather

Spider-Man Purse

Snakebite Leather in Washington being made for Kellyn bySnakebite Leather

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Kellyn submitted:

“A Spider-Man purse/bag. I've always wanted one but have been having a hard time finding one that I like. ”