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Cyber Gladiator Armor

$670 - $770

Elegant and functional arm and shoulder armor with green, blue, or white flat panel lights. A design reminiscent of the armor worn by gladiators of ancient Rome. This armor set protects well without restricting range of motion. Armor is secured by a 2 inch wide black strap for adjustment which goes across the chest holding the battery pack and activation button. Black hydraulic tubing keeps armor segments together and allows for smooth bending of joints. Inside of armor is lined with black fabric to keep the armor comfortable when worn for long periods of time. Takes 8 AAA batteries. Battery life is roughly 48 hours. Other colors of lights such as yellow, pink, purple and orange are available on special request (no charge).
Armour can be customized. Order a pair of just the forearm and fist sections as a pair for gauntlets on both arms or replace the battery powered flat panel lights with glow-in-the-dark panels. This modification will reduce the price by $100. Custom cut out patterns can be added if the symbol or shape is simple.
Fits both male and female. Adjustable around the forearm and bicep. Available in Large, Medium, and Small. Please include a note specifying your height and weight to ensure a good fit.
Standard Construction Time: 2-3 Weeks
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