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Reclaimed Barn Wood Dining Table

Seating for 12, this 92" dining table is made entirely from reclaimed white oak. Rescued from a barn built in the late 1800's it's life as a floor had all but diminished. After a light run through the surface planer, jointing and glue up with splines, the top was cut out using a large trammel and router. The table required the use of 1/4" steel angle iron embedded in oak to keep it from flexing on the single pedestal. The edge is treated with a 1" ring of the same oak matching the above grain to maintain a cohesive look, making the top appear to be 2".
The larger imperfections (surprisingly very few) were filled with clear epoxy before the final finish of almost 2 quarts of clear, satin polyurethane.
The next step is a 48" lazy susan and 12 craftsman style chairs.
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