CustomMade Guarantee Program

  • Get more projects

    A better reputation on the site means more projects. Period.

    Your reputation on CustomMade is everything! After a project is completed on CustomMade, the customer will have an opportunity to rate and review their experience with you. The experience will be rated on an overall basis as either “positive” or “negative”, and the review will include public-facing comments from the customer. The maker is allowed to respond. These customer reviews will become your reputation score (just like eBay), and your score and your review will be a permanent and integral part of your maker profile on CustomMade. Makers on the site with the best reviews will be featured most prominently, and customers will have an opportunity to select only the highest rated makers to work on their projects.
    If your project proposals, agreement with the customer, and back and forth communication don’t happen on CustomMade, the customer can’t review you and you will find it harder to compete for new projects on the site.

    Did you know

    …the biggest factor influencing a customer’s decision to buy custom is the reputation of the maker?

  • Build customer loyalty

    The custom process and story is FUN. If you show off your work, you will get more work.

    CustomMade allows makers to upload periodic project updates and progress pictures to help you keep your customers informed and happy - automatically. Once a project is completed, those photos and updates can be made into a “creation story” that makers can share on their profile, and customers can share with their friends. These creation stories are a marketing engine for you.
    If your project updates don’t happen through CustomMade, the creation story and management tools aren’t available for you or for the customer.

    Did you know

    …the biggest complaint customers have after buying custom is that they weren’t kept up-to-date on the progress of their project?

  • Get help resolving disputes

    CustomMade can step in and mediate when customers and makers can’t resolve issues on their own.

    As long as everything happens through CustomMade, we can step in and help so you can get back to work making cool custom items for your other customers.
    Sometimes an impartial third-party is all it takes.

    Did you know

    …when disputes arise on custom projects the reason is almost always due to a lack of communication?

  • Safeguard your reputation

    You take care of your customer. We’ll watch your back.

    If you have a problem with a customer who leaves you negative feedback, we can help. As long as the project and all of the related correspondence happen through the CustomMade website, we can administratively remove negative feedback if we find that the customer’s complaints of fraud or misrepresentation are invalid after investigating,

    Did you know

    If everything you do regarding your project happens on CustomMade, the maker knows you can provide a review at the end. Just like eBay, maker’s reputations on CustomMade mean a great deal, so they want you to be satisfied!