Memorial Jewelry

A "Memento Vitae" is a pendant vessel to hold your memories. It is my answer for the human need to hold what we love close to us. Unlike the momento mori jewelry of the Victorian period, which was a reminder of our own mortality, my memento vitae serve to remind us of who or what is special and important in each of our lives!

The vessel has a decorative screw that can be removed to gain access to the interior of the pendant. Some people have put petals from a special bouquet, sand from their honeymoon, hair from a loved one, or, sadly, ashes of the beloved.

Each piece is handmade especially for you, so it is truly unique. This is a wonderful opportunity to to share in the design process, have a real custom-made piece, and all at a reasonable price!

As you can see there are several options. I am available for consultations.

Dimensions: 1"- 1 1/2"

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