Necklace / Choker: Turk's Head Knot From Leather Cord

I have a confession to make. I love this necklace too much! It is an instant favorite of mine! The one shown here is the one I'm wearing frequently, but I will make one just for you, and then we both can have one to wear!
It would be perfect with a costume (Steampunk or medieval, I'm thinking) or with just everyday jeans-and-T-shirt!
This one used "antique brown" leather cord, which is a nice cross between a dark red-brown and black. I also have a reddish leather, black, and a lighter natural brown. It's soft but nicely finished leather.
I braided it in a Turk's Head Knot, then finished it with a silver clasp, a silver lobster-claw closure, and a short chain so that it's adjustable. It came out to 12.5" at the smallest, with an inch chain. But I can make one for you a bit bigger or smaller as you like.
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Dimensions: 12-14" total, approximately 1/2-3/4" wide

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