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Oval Rag Rug Woven Toothbrush Yellow And Blue Naalbinding Rug

$140 - $240

Oval Rag Rug Woven Toothbrush Yellow and Blue Naalbinding Rug
This oval rag rug is a very pretty yellow and blue combination. It's made using an ancient technique called Naalbinding, which is similiar to a toothbrush rug, but much thicker. Each strip of fabric is interwoven in three places making this an extremely thick, durable and strong rug. It will last for generations!
This rug is made with a variety of recycled fabrics, let's see if I can list them all... A set of pale yellow sheets, a soft blue flowered flannel gown, a pair of royal blue scrubs-top and bottom, some wool remnants from a local factory, two blue jersey t shirts and a few pillow cases and some flannel remnants.
This rug is what I call a fat oval. It measures 32 inches x 46 inches, give or take a little.
It also measures 81.3 cm x 116.8 cm for you folks on the metric system.
This is a one of a kind rug due to the types of materials used. But, I can make another in any color combo that you might want. Just convo me and we'll talk.
This rug is different on both sides. One side has definite ridges and valleys, the other side is smooth and intricately shows the way it is woven. I guess you can use either side, whichever one you like best. Most folks use the side with ridges and valleys which is the side shown in my photos.
This rug is easy to keep clean, just shake or vacuum without using a beater bar. Spot clean as necessary with a clean, damp towel and mild detergent. Full cleaning instructions are included with purchase.
If you have any questions about this rug or any other listing in my shop, feel free to convo me and I will be glad to help you.
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