Hand made blown glass planters come with spider plants, orchids or bamboo plants. We create custom shapes and designs to fit your specific needs and requirements. We have shown our work at several galleries, museums and shops nationally and internationally.
Our planters showcase an important side to environmental glass design. We choose specific air cleaning plants so that your planters are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also purposeful. We developed the planters to be partially clear so that their roots are visible. Our planters come with baby plants, which then grow roots and fill the bulb of the glass. They are virtually zero maintenance and anyone can enjoy this product.
We are excited to collaborate with new clients, to create custom designs based on your specific needs. We can work with your ideas to design anything you envision.
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Dimensions: We create planters that are 1x1- 12 x 12 or larger. We are always expanding our ideas and would love to create new work based off of your ideas and dreams. Our planters are spotlighted in several architectural firms, niche shops, and client's homes.

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