Stephanie's Bent Wood Rocker

Our newest rocker design is the most unique and comfortable you will encounter. The first image is a rocker made from Cherry and Ash. The contrast in colors really shows off this style of rocker. The other pictures are of a rocker made from Walnut and Mesquite. The walnut legs are bent wood lamination that sat in a form for a week each. The mesquite arms were bent on a separate form that blended into the legs. The seat was made from mesquite and has a strong joint where it meats the legs, but has a hover effect in the back where the lumbar supports come out of it. The lumbar supports were each individually bent laminations to fit the curve of your back. They cradle your back perfectly with a slight flex. The back supports were made from walnut with mesquite on the face. The headrest was also made from mesquite. The mesquite and walnut are a beautiful combination on this rocker. This style can be made from most woods. To see the unique construction process please visit our blog. Read more Read less

Dimensions: 22w X 36deep X 54T

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