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Watercolor Painting Of Octagon Barn


This is an original watercolor of historic, rare octagonal barn in Hastings, Michigan. I can paint a custom painting of your favorite scene, from your photo, imagination, or memory! Prices will vary depending on your subject and size.
Gorgeous watercolor painted with only two colors - Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber. The two color palette gives it amazing color harmony. The sky has a beautiful cobalt wash, which my photos didn't capture very well. You can see the lovely texture of the watercolor paper where the blue sky washes have settled into the paper. It's an unusual painting with lots of lovely watercolor texture and detail.
The subject is a rare octagonal-shaped barn near Hastings, Michigan, with grasses, milkweeds and a bright bluebird on a fence post in the foreground. There are only 4 octagonal barns left in Michigan.
This painting is beautifully matted with acid free white mat board and a medium brown liner mat.
Size: 16" x 13.5"
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