Large Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagon

Large enough for 2 small children, this Large Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagon will add that perfect touch of charm to your wedding. Some have even carried 3 or 4 small babes in the large size. This price of $247, is for the basic, unfinished Large size Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagon.
Include your child in the celebration ! For use in weddings as pictured - to carry the special one in the ceremony, or for any special occasion. If you have any options that you would like to add that are not listed, contact us & we will be happy to work with you to make your dreams come true.
This product is not meant for rough use.
Fully customizable options include:
* Unfinished, painted or stained finish options
--(the "paint ready" option means that all visible screw heads are counter sunk, filled, and sanded smooth- so the wagon and wheels are ready for you to paint)
* Wheel rims painted or aluminum banded
** For customized carriage finish color, Contact Ed.
** For any specialty paint detailing, Contact Ed.
We can ship more quickly if there is a rush, just contact me. We ship anywhere in continental USA for a flat rate. We can ship internationally, but shipping is higher, and you would need to contact me.

Large Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagon Dimensions

Wheel Size: Front – 16″ – Rear – 18″

Height (with wheels) : 20″

Overall width (with wheels) : 29″

Wagon length without tongue : 40 " (wheels extend beyond wagon ends)

Tongue length : 32 "

Inside body width & length -(where the child or children would sit):

13 1/4 " wide x 28 " long – at floor level

20″ wide x 28 " long – (at top of side rails)

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