14 Point Merkava With Hematite Center And Quartz Points At Points

This is a copper and silver wire 14 point merkava with a Hematite stone in the center and Arkansas Quartz crystal on the side points. There are a total of 84 pieces of individual wire. This has been soldered with silver bearing solder (lead free) All the wire is twisted or spun to create a scalar wave effect within the piece. The piece is 9-12 inches (22-30 cm) at it's widest point. An incredibly complex and beautiful piece to make.

The Merkava:
The outer section or Merkava, is 12 gauge copper. All the complex inner wire is 18 gauge silver wire. There are 6 interwoven 20 ga twisted copper wires that form the upper and lower matrix that look like tetrahedrons
There are 12 wires that radiate to the top and similar on the bottom, six are 14 gauge copper, while the other six are 18 gauge in silver. The 18 gauge silver wires are attached to the inner stellation of 6 interwoven copper wires so they nest themselves inside the piece.
The twelve points that are on the sides of the merkava contain the Arkansas Crystals that all point to the inside of the piece.
All of the stellated inner wire is 18 gauge silver to form 36 total pieces.

Crystals and Hemetite:
With any type of Merkaba, you are creating a battery of sorts for energy and this one is no exception. This formation is what i channeled to be the Crystalline Merkava that is now accessible to our energy construct since 11/11/11. It is a much more complex form from the standard 8 point Merkaba and holds amazing scalar wave energy. At the present moment, it is a bridge between magnetic and crystalline structure of the Merkava.
The Hematite in the center is magnetic however copper and silver is not,. The strange thing is that when i was inserting the hematite in the piece, i could feel the waves of energy push the hematite around.
The crystals were needed to properly contain the energy until it is released (by spinning)
The Arkansas crystals have been activated on 11/11/11 to the higher love vibrations of the planetary grid. I'm using baby naturally terminated Quartz.

Scalar Waves
The Scalar Waves are opposite waveforms that cancel each other out in the 2D/3D enviorment, they are still there, just not present in the lower vibrational frequencies. These are some of the energies used when manifesting.

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