15" Icosohedron With Rose Quartz Centerpiece

This is a magnificent piece depicting a Icoshedron (20 sided triangle). It's composed of double stranded copper, single strand silver and a VERY large chunk of pink Quartz in the middle.

The Icosahedron is one of the 5 platonic solids that shape the universe and corresponds to water. It is also the most complex of the five to make having 20 sides and 30 edges. I choose to go further and make this a stellated by adding the inner vertices of smaller gauge copper to it- adding another 20 sides and 30 edges.
The outer copper is 14 gauge double strand copper that is finished with artistic end caps.
The inner single strand copper is spun and then connected at the inner vertice of each face.

The "globe" that surrounds the quartz is three circles spun with 3 wires each. . Each circle connects to the other at 90 degrees. The globe enhances the energy of the quartz, gently expanding it outward.
The globe hangs by silver wire that runs to each outer point (12 total) The wire on the horizontal plane is 20 gauge silver and the top and bottom are 18 gauge silver for added security. On each silver wire there is an copper rosette at the circle and a copper ball about 1" away- the copper findings are very intricate and beautiful additions.

The rose quartz has been in my family for about 60 years and it felt right to put such a beautiful piece in the Icosahedron. It has been cleared of energy. It is 4" at it's widest span.
Quartz is a great transmutator of energy Rose quartz is a natural healing stone and is the stone for unconditional love and infinite peace. Coupled with the "water" properties of the Icosahedron, it washes away negativity and brings calming vibrations to the area. Rose quartz is about the heart and love.

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