16" 14 Point Merkava With Hematite Center

This was a gift to a friend who holds kirtans and something spirit really pushed me to make.

The Merkava:
The outer section or Merkava, is 14 gauge twisted pair copper. All the complex inner wire is 18 gauge silver, gold, copper wire; that is, each level of the tube-torus uses it's own element of copper, silver, or gold. . There are 6 interwoven 20 ga twisted copper wires that form the upper and lower matrix that look like tetrahedrons
There are 12 wires that radiate to the top and similar on the bottom, six are 14 gauge twisted copper, while the other six are 18 gauge twisted in silver. The 18 gauge silver wires are attached to the inner stellation of 6 interwoven copper wires so they nest themselves inside the piece.
There are an additional 24 set of 30 gauge green wire running to each point.
All of the stellated inner wire is 18 gauge silver to form 36 total pieces.

Stones etc..
The main stone is a magnetic hematite in the center and the neat thing is that it always attempts to spin to north when the structure is spun.
The two wires holding the hematite in place are strung with various crystals, beads, and love. There are additional swaroski crystals on each point.
Silver end caps cover the points
high powered magnets are attached just inside each point. These magnets all face the same direction, creating a resonance wave for the magnetics of the piece.

With any type of Merkaba, you are creating a battery of sorts for energy and this one is no exception. This formation is what i channeled to be the Crystalline Merkava that is now accessible to our energy construct since 11/11/11. It is a much more complex form from the standard 8 point Merkaba and holds amazing scalar wave energy. At the present moment, it is a bridge between magnetic and crystalline structure of the Merkava.

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