16" Selenite Tower Resting On Flower Stand With Energy Rings And 4 Color Led

The Selenite is a special piece in that i've only been able to find one like this and to make it so it glows four different colors became really cool to me. The rings are so cool. When you place each hand on one of the three rings, you can feel the energy scream into your body. Moved the rings up and down on the piece and they changed frequency.
There are hematite magnets above and below each ring on three sides which further develop energy.
- there is a small wire that runs out one side for power.
- the multi colored LED is rated at 20,000 hours +
- There is an automated resistor that scales back voltage as heat goes up in the LED (this is to save life of LED)
- there is a 6 foot cord that attaches to a USB cord at end. Plug it into your computer OR the supplied power connector.
- all terminations are soldered and covered in heat shrink for maximum durability.
- additional high wear areas are supplemented with silicone sealant.
- this uses standard USB supply upto 24V. (most are 5V) just plug it into anything that fits!!!!
- i use only the best components in building my pieces
- the copper piece is made by me, the rest by god know whom- i just put it together with love :)

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