18" Merkava With Selenite Egg Hanging In Middle With White Led

Oh boy, where do I start! A magical Merkava made of copper with Swarovski and quartz crystals, a Selenite egg that is gently cradled in the center by a flower of life. At night it lights up the Selenite egg with a LED. Beyond words. This is art that energetically changes an enviorment. Between hand making the copper chain, mounting the selenite and running power, I think there is over 100 hours invested in this piece.

Size 14"x14"x14"

The Merkava is 14 points made of 12 gauge copper. There are two sets of 20 gauge twisted copper that form the inner star of david designs that hold the two sets of copper 14 gauge flower of life.
The upper flower of life extends it's petals down to hold the Selenite egg in the middle.

All horizontal points have exquisite silver end caps with Swarovski crystals nested inside the merkava. The lower six points have Swaroski teardrops dangling off them.

The lowest point has a beautiful copper end cap and the highest has two copper links for the chain and the electrical wire coming out of it.

There is a 2 foot matching copper chain of small to large loop design. Another 2 feet of chain is available if needed.

Merkava's are the part of Sacred Geometry and are a special energy construct. The 14 point Merkava was activated on a global scale on 11/11/11.
As a Platonic Solid, they are perfectly balanced and will gather and hold Scalar energy. They are very effective at cleansing a space of unwanted energy and bringing in higher vibrations. I typically get orbs in my photos- they are drawn like moths to a flame.

There are approximately 200 4mm AB Swarovski crystals and about 30 more of larger sizing.
The center part of the merkava has 12 diagonal rows of crystals, silver spacers, Amethyst, and Peridot,
In the center running above and below the flower of life are Swarovski crystals that run from large to small. The upper vertical shaft has the color combination of the chakras while the lower is all clear color.
On the upper tier, stand Six 1.5" Arkansas Quartz points resting on the outer most sections of the flower of life.

The lower tier has 7 1/4" Arkansas Quartz points- one directly under the egg and six more at the edges of the flower of life. Directly below the lower 6 Quartz are copper "men" made of Swarovski crystal, copper spacers with faces on them and silver end caps.

The highly polished Selenite egg is 2"x4" and is gently cradled by the upper tiered petals of the flower of life in a teardrop fashion.

Selenite holds a very fine vibration and brings clarity of mind, opening the crown and higher crown charkas. It is a link to the Lightbody, helping anchor is to the 3D environment. Selenite is very calming stone great for meditaiton.

The Arkansas Quartz field was activated on 11/11/11 and any piece ever mined there now holds that activation. The new vibration of the Quartz allows greater clarity and transformation.

All stones in the piece have been cleared of any charge so they may be programmed.

Just inside the top of the Selenite egg is a single white LED. It is the brightest 5mm standard LED I can buy and is fairly bright- not bright enough to light a room but rather add a beautiful soft glow to a space. It is like a night lite.
There are no visible wires inside the Merkava. I used the Merkava itself for the ground and the center Swarovski crystals for Hot. There is a 20 foot black wire that comes out of the top, hence the need for the chain.
A USB plug is on the end so you can plug it into a computer or the supplied wall outlet adapter.
There is a special resistor built in so any power from 5V to 24V can be used.
All connections have been soldered and shrink wrapped for durability.

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