18k Gold Roman Chain Bracelet

This is a hand-woven Roman Chain bracelet. A truly rare item in this world of mass-produced garbage, real chain is a beautiful thing in so many ways. Actually, too much credit is given to the Romans on this one. This style of chain was ancient even by then. It's also called an Etruscan chain but the style was ancient by the time they got a hold of it too. This bracelet is made from 16.2 grams of 18K Yellow Gold with a maximum length of 8 ½ inches. Hand-woven means that I control every aspect of production from the pulling of the wire to the polishing of the bracelet. If necessary, it can be sized down to fit; I can shorten but not lengthen a woven chain. This beautiful item only lacks one thing, the gemstone you require for the clasp. Any pear shaped stone from a diamond on down can be mounted. The price for the chain is $200.00 per inch with additional costs for whatever stone you wish.

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