19" Merkava With 5" Selenite Wand In Middle Driven By Green And White Led

This is a 14 point Merkaba that is 19" at it's widest span. It has 12 points along the horizontal plane and 2 more points on the vertical. It is bedecked in Swaroski crystal, moss agate, clear Quartz, hematite and Selenite.

From this point on, it is called a Merkava since it is bridge the dimensions of magnetic and crystal and has doubled it's points.
The main body is composed of 12 gauge spun copper
The inner section is two 20 gauge twisted copper that forms another merkava inside the first.
There is a 14 gauge flower of life pattern holding the Selenite wand in place.

Merkava's are a part of the Platonic solids and hold energy perfectly in the center. Since all sides, edges and points are exactly the same, they hold the energy perfectly in tune- never generating crazy vibes. This type of merkava was downloaded to me on 11/11/11 and hold a higher vibration for humanity to use.

There is an elaborate silver wire crisscross of 6mm Polish Crystal, Tibetan silver spacers and 8 mm light purple rounds making up the inner section.These are connected to the tips of the flower of life- so there are 12 crisscross patterns in the center. Amazingly beautiful to see in person.

On the inside of the horizontal tips lay intricate silver findings that are layered with 4 mm Swaroski crystal, Hematite beads. On the outside of the points drop twelve Amethyst Crystal hearts that have other crystals above them.
Above and below the Selenite runs a vertical placement of alternating Quartz and Moss Agate beads that attach to the points above and below.

The Selenite is a natural piece that is 6"x 1" and has two LED's inside. The top LED is white while the bottom is green- diffusing between the two to form an amazing beauty of color.

~~~~~~~~~LED and Power~~~~~~~~
So how does it work?
The LED's are buried inside the selenite and are rated for 20,000 hours (light bulbs are 200 hours)
I have carefully wound coated wire around the inner section and attached it to the 15 foot black wire coming out of the top. The negative side of the LED is carried through the piece itself. (no risk of electrocution- very small voltage)
The is a 3 foot custom made copper chain that alternates big and small hoops to add the the originality of the piece- this is where the main power wire fishes through.

The end of the wire is a USB connector so you can plug it into a computer or the supplied wall outler- very cool!

There is a small device buried inside the wire that allows you to use 5 volts to 24 volts without damaging the LED's. It also scales back power if the piece overheats.

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