2” Bronze Scottish Thistle Penannular Cloak, Kilt, Scarf, Shawl, Sweater Pin

My bronze penannular is meant to celebrate your Scottish heritage; it is graced with three thistles--the national flower of Scotland. Penannulars or open ring broaches have existed since ancient times and were most commonly used by the Romans and Celts. Penannulars are best suited for coarse woven cloth or knitted items. They are a traditional kilt pin but can also be used to turn any wool blanket into a cloak on a cold morning.


Ring (outermost diameter) = 2"
Pin (from top of thistle to point) = 2.75"

How to Use This Penannular

To fasten a shawl for example:

1. Start with the textured face side of the penannular ring toward the body, with the pin part facing one side.
2. Push the pin part through all layers of fabric to be fastened.
3. Flip the ring so that the textured side faces out, away from the body.
4. Turn the ring until the pin part locks itself over the ring's edge.

Please note: for the comfort and safety of others, position your penannular's pin so that it will not prick passersby or those standing close to you.

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