2 Single Layer Angel Wings Worship Flags (Chiffon), Choose Your Colour

You are purchasing a single layer pair (2) of chiffon angel wings for $45. The flags are approximately 54" x 54". The outer edge is rounded, but it is not a half circle. A 36" flagpole is sewn into reinforced handles. The flagpole is 3/8" diameter.

Chiffon is an opaque, light weight fabric; it has a nice shimmer that will pick up light. It flows and moves well, making it a great fabric choice for dance worship.

At the time of purchase and payment, please indicate your colour choice in a note to Seller:

Flag Colour & Meaning

WHITE: purity (Zec13.1), Holy Spirit (Lu3.23), bride of Christ (Eph5.27), white as snow (Is1.18), anointing (Is61.1), overcomer (Rev3.5), Ancient of Days (Dan7.9)

SILVER (pewter): word of the Lord (Ps12.6), refine (Ps66.10), redemption (Matt 26.15), wisdom (Prov2.1-5), sword (Deut32.41), strength (Ps28.7)

RED: blood of Jesus, blood covering (Ex26.14), atonement (Ro3.25), justification (Ro3.23-24), wrath of God (Rev16.1,4), life (Lev17.11), protection (Ex12.13)

WINE/Burgundy: new wine (Matt9.17), cup of New Covenant (1Cor11.17), wine of gladness (Ec9.7)

ORANGE: never-ending flame (Lev6.13), lamp for our feet (Ps119.105), revival (Ps145.4-7)
Green restoration (Ps23.2-3), new life (Ge8.11), healing (John5.6,8), tree of life (Rev22.2), flourish (Ps92.12-14)

PURPLE: authority (Matt28.18), royalty (Jud8.26), kingship of Jesus (Rev5.5), worship (Rev5.12), royal priesthood (1Pet2.9)

AMETHYST: oil of gladness (Heb1.9), horn of anointing oil (1Sam16.13)

LILAC: Intimacy (Ps46.10 & Ps27.8)

BLUE: grace & mercy (Heb4.16), heavens (Deut4.19), remembrance of God's commands (Nu15.38-39), throne (Ez1.26), Sonship (Ro8.15), prophecy (Rev19.10), knowledge & revelation (Dan2.21-22), Jesus, the High Priest (Ex28.2,31), honour (Ex28.2), creation (Ps19.1)

LIGHT BLUE: heavens (Deut4.19), remembrance of God's commands (Nu15.38-39), honour (Ex28.2), Sonship (Ro8.15)

FUCHSIA: healing of body, soul & spirit thru the Holy Spirit (Lu17.19), extravagant love (John12.3), joy (John15.11)

P{INK: Rose of Sharon (Song of Songs 2:1), longing & desire (Song of Songs 8:4), celebration of love (Song of Songs 1:4b)

LIGHT PINK: reconciliation (2Cor5.18, Mal4.6), quietness of soul (Ps131.2), intercession (Ro8.34)

Please ask questions, I will answer ASAP.

I custom make ALL flags at the time of order; please allow up to 7-14 days, plus shipping time.

* Expedited shipping within Canada is estimated 2-9 days and includes tracking & insurance; (contact me prior to payment for shipping rates for multiple items)
** Priority Post shipping within the US is estimated 2-5 days, and includes delivery confirmation and insurance.

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