3d Custom Metal & Acrylic Wall Letters For Office Lobby Or Reception Desk

There is nothing more impressive than walking into an office and being greeted with a well-crafted sign. Having your brand displayed in 3D portrays a level of professionalism that says a great deal about your company. Help set yourself apart and create that important first impression.

Here's how to get the process started...

• Please request a custom order above. Describe what you are looking for and the overall size needed (if you are unsure about the size send me the measurements of the wall it will be installed on and I can make a recommendation). If available, please attach an existing image of your logo, or preferably, and/or your vector artwork (.ai, .eps, or .svg extension).

What is a vector file and why is this important? Vector files are designed with software that creates mathematical points, lines, and curves. This information is then able to be read by the equipment that will cut out your letters. Bitmapped files (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc.) are comprised of individual pixels which the machines cannot read.

Note about your logo: If you are unable to provide a vector version of your logo for production, I am more than happy to recreate a vector file of your logo or design a brand new logo from scratch, for an additional fee. This fee will vary depending on the complexity of the logo.

• Select 1 of 3 options based on your budget:

-Economy: Laser cut acrylic letters in a pre-finished color. Painted colors are available at an additional cost.

-Premium: Laser cut acrylic letters in a pre-finished color with real metal face laminate in a variety of materials and finishes (Aluminum, Stainless, Bronze, Brass, & Copper). Painted colors are available at an additional cost.

-Professional: Water jet cut solid metal letters in a variety of materials and finishes (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass, & Copper)

• Within 24-36 hours I will provide you a quote. If approved I will send you a private listing for approval and purchase.

• Your letters will ship within 10-15 business days after final approval. In addition to your letters, you will also be provided with an installation template and any applicable hardware and/or adhesives required to secure your letters to the wall.

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