40" Oak Floating Shelf With 35" X 8-3/4" X 3" Secret Compartment

Our 40" Floating Shelf with Secret Compartment is ideal for concealing a rifle, as well as extra magazines, and a flashlight, or even an additional pistol, while still having them close at hand if a need arises. You can also use it to conceal cash, jewelry, or anything else you want to keep hidden but easily accessible.

Hand built from solid oak, we mill our own mouldings, hand cut each piece, assemble, and hand sand, then apply a satin urethane finish. Every piece is uniquely built just for you. Shown here with a Natural Finish. We also offer it with Red Chestnut, Java and Ebony stain finishes. Due to photographic and display variations, as well as differences in grain and color between individual pieces of wood, the colors shown are for demonstration purposes only. Actual colors may vary. Display items, such as picture frames, candle holders and other decor items, as well as contents of secret compartment are for photographic purposes only, and are not included with your purchase.

Gun safes are great for keeping your weapons secure, but they cannot be accessed quickly in the event of a burglar or a home invasion. Gun racks are too convenient for thieves, and too easy for children to get to. Our 40" Concealment Shelf offers quick access and convenient hidden storage for your firearm, with its drop-down hidden storage compartment, while providing stylish decor for your home.

Firearms concealment furniture is not a replacement for a gun safe. They will not protect your valuables from fire, children who know how to unlock the hidden compartments, or from a determined thief who knows where they are located. For that level of security, buy a quality safe. The advantage that this type of furniture provides is quick access when you need it. The "hidden in plain sight" aspect of this furniture is where that advantage is provided.

Available in red oak, with a variety of finish options, so you can easily coordinate it to your existing decor.

Includes foam insert that you can easily customize to fit your contents.

Exterior Dimensions: 40" x 11-1/4" x 4-1/2"
Interior Compartment: 35" x 8-3/4" x 3"
Weight limit: 40 pounds interior and top shelf total load combined

Each shelf includes:
- 2 Magnetic Safety Locks and Magnetic Keys
- 4 Adjustable Hinges
- Customizable Foam Insert with Double sided adhesive to secure it inside of secret compartment
-Mounting hardware and instructions
-Hardwood frame for secure wall attachment

Proudly made in the USA

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