6 Custom Made Oversized Train Doors

We took down 6 rotten and delapidated 100 year old doors and proceded to replicate them in every way, reusing the hardware which also needed vast amounts of restoration. Windows within the doors (4 in each) were completely restored, vintage glass inserted for newer glass, new pieces made. The doors were constructed from old growth fir. The lumber was carefully ordered and each piece was designated for its exact spot in a door. There was absolutly no room for error. Each door was laid out on a large floor area and constructed as a giant jigsaw puzzle with pegs, only to be deconstructed and reconstructed again outside on the hinges (3 for each door) which were each salvaged and restored and weighing 75 lbs apiece. The doors went up with precision, being pegged into place piece by piece.
The three pairs of doors remain open all the time.

Dimensions: 20' feet high x 6' ft wide x 4" thick

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