A Simple Sturdy Leather Journal, Or Diary -- With Lined Pages, And Belt And Buckle Closure!

Here is a simple, but very sturdy and long-lasting, leather-bound journal, with lined pages.

The pages are stitched to an inside piece of leather, with strong 4-ply waxed Irish linen thread. The outside cover leather is wrapped around the inside piece, and glued to it with Barge leather adhesive -- a very strong and durable glue, used for gluing soles back onto leather shoes. Added brass leather rivets are both decorative, and serve to reinforce the bond between inner and outer leathers. The inside and outside leathers are put together so that the book opens and lays flat easily.

This is a *very* durable book, suitable for writing for many years.

NOTE: If you purchase this book, it may be a bit bigger than the pictures lead you to expect. I have large hands.

SHIPPING: I ship via USPS Priority Mail, which gets things anywhere in the US in typically two to four days. International orders typically take a week to ten days to reach their destination.

PAGE SIZE: 5.5 by 8.5 inches
NUMBER OF PAGES: 320 pages total.
PAPER: Southworth 25% cotton Linen paper
GLUE: Barge leather cement.
THREAD: Waxed linen thread.
LEATHER: Oil-tanned cowhide.
END-PAPERS: Black Canson Mi-Tiente pastel paper.
CLOSURE: Brass belt and buckle

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