Abacus As Art Object

At the request of a client who knew my work very well, I agreed to make a large abacus with laminated beads and embellishments, designed to hang on a wall in a vertical orientation so it could be used. First I made a prototype, which I later sold, then the commission. I found the project fascinating, and it allowed me to use lamination designs and techniques I had developed while making bowls. Over time I made about half a dozen abacuses, all of different designs and detailing and woods. The possibilities go on, I would love to make another one. An abacus is an ancient calculating device, still used in marketplaces today in the orient, and in classrooms in Japan to teach youngsters basic math. As far as I know, however, it was never made as an art object until now.

Dimensions: Overall size approximately 28" long by 12" wide by 3" high; size varies with design. Bead diameter approximately 1 inch.

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