Abstract Painting: "Holy Tuesday: Light And Darkness"

On Holy Tuesday, Orthodox hymnography focuses on the parable of the ten virgins. The point is to teach about vigilance, and Christ as the Bridegroom; the bridal chamber is used as a symbol not only of the Tomb of Christ, but also of the blessed state of the saved on the Day of Judgement. In this parable, five of the women are properly prepared, having trimmed the wicks of their oil lamps properly and having brought the necessary equipment to keep them lit, while the other five have not done so. This is reflected within this painting; one lamp is empty, and burned out, and shadowed, while the other is clean, vibrant, filled with oil, and ready to be lit.

The oil lamps themselves are based off of one excavated in Athens, dating roughly to 320 BC.

16" x 20"

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