Abstract Painting: "Holy Week: Palm Sunday"

Palm Sunday forms the start of the craziest week in Orthodox Christianity, when it comes to services. Inspired by other artists who have done graphic designs in relation to bible passages, or passages in the Psalms, I decided to make an abstract minimalist series based on the same idea, in relation to the gospel readings of hymns of each day in Holy Week.

This is Palm Sunday. The Eternal Palm Sunday. We have celebrated Palm Sunday the same way for almost 2000 years now. One could argue that the liturgics of the day have "fossilized." I based this image off of a fossil slab in the Field Museum with fossil fish, which was the catalyst for this project in the first place. For some reason, viewing this fossil immideately made me think of Palm Sunday; possibly it was the juxtaposition of the fishes, an early symbol of Christianity, with the Palm frond, which reminded me of Jesus's entry into Jerusalem.

The fish are made from the word "Hosanna" in multiple languages; or rather, multiple scripts. Careful examination will reveal latin-based scripts, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Georgian, and Armenian, among others.

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