Acorn Doorbell Ringer Brass

The Acorn Doorbell Ringer is sand-cast in solid brass and was designed by Michael Healy, an accomplished Rhode Island artisan known for his truly Unique Doorbell Ringers. Michael believes that your Doorbell and Knocker should reflect your individuality and personal taste. This Unique Doorbell is the perfect "finishing touch" for your front door. The Acorn was hand-crafted using the age old art of foundry casting. During the foundry casting process molten brass is heated to over 2000ºF then carefully poured into a handmade sand mold. This mold is used only once, giving your Doorbell Ringer its individual character. Your Acorn is polished then lacquer coated to protect this original finish. It is signed in the mold by the artist, Michael Healy, confirming its authenticity.

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