Acrylic Paintings Of A Deeper Meaning

Sometimes things happen in life, Big or small.
I work things out by painting. I feel it is therapy for me to have a reflection of memories and emotions to ponder.

It is not easy to find paintings with true meaning and something that really stands for maybe a darker time in your life.
I have been creating paintings such as these for years now. I find that the color and strange symbolism don't make them so hard to look at. Yet they still hold all that needs to be in the subject.

Some have been about finding balance in life, some about the loss of a loved one...Maybe it was something you need to feel clairtiy or understanding.

Don't be shy or ashamed of who you are or what is really going on in your life. I want this to be a way to get that piece of art that you COULDN'T find anywhere else.

These are all acrylic on either wood or canvas.

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